Equality is the most important thing, we do not discriminate.

Come and take our international test and be the next Hungarian who can step onto the professional stage through us.

You can be an amateur, a semi-professional or even a professional, we will help you to move forward.


About the program

Hogyan működik az oldal?

Register, read our contract, pay the annual membership fee and take our test after the consultation!

Who are we expecting for the tests?

The age limit: We welcome applicants from 12 to 26 years old. We’re not looking for excuses here. Register if you really want to do something to play in a better team for more money.

Don’t listen to others, listen to yourself!

Your limits are in your hands,
and we will go through them with you
the borders.

Players who have already chosen us

Korcsok Dániel mfc

Korcsok Dániel

21 year old player

Kecskeméti Dávid Antonio

Kecskeméti Dávid Antonio

17 year old player

Vadász Előd

Vadász Előd

24 year old player

About me

Tamás Alex, HFM-ONE

Alex Tamás, football manager

I met football at a more serious level when I was 12 years old. I studied in Pacsa and played soccer at the Pacsa Football College. I have been involved in this sport for more than 25 years now, during that time I have learned a lot and constantly! I speak German at an advanced level, English at a basic level, but I am also developing this knowledge. I would like to give everyone a chance on equal terms. You will be the difference!

The blonde, the brunette, the left-footed, the right-footed, the rich or the poor get equal attention from us.

Let’s make history together!

Sports psychology

In this fast-paced, stressful world, great emphasis must be placed on accurate, good decisions. 25 years of experience helps me to help you get through bad times easily. My motto has long been that there is no problem, only a solution! This is completely true in sports too!

I’ll help you find your way easily even when you’re at your deepest!
Everyone has bad times in sports. That’s when you need a good guide!

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